UK Citizenship Test Privacy Policy

The visitors & users private information is kept privacy & it is maintained seriously. They can any time contact the website regarding any question relating to privacy. Here personal information is collected & used

Log Files

The log file contains the details of the user & his address, internet details etc. everything is included in this file. Just like other websites uses log files to store the information which includes Internet protocol, user ID, services etc.

Cookies & web Beacons

To store the data regarding the information of the users & their records relating to their access on this site is stored at cookies in the information browsed or send by the user is also stored in cookies.

Double Click Dart Cookie

  • The Third party posts ads on particular website like to know the usage & measure the effectiveness of their advertisements. They directly receives your details of ID etc.
  • The cannot do anything relating to third party links.
  • The Google was the dart cookie site to post ads on the website users.
  • For more information we can log on to their websites & can access the practice papers & also can know how to access their practice tests papers.
  • If you do not want any ads on the website. You can find more information at the browser website