UK Citizenship Test

UK Citizenship Practice Test 11

This Life in the UK practice test contains 24 sample questions and 45 minutes time limit. Remember that you need to get at least 18 Questions correct or 75% to pass this Life in the UK practice test.

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  1. What festival is celebrated on 31 October?
    • Halloween
    • Hogmanay
    • Bonfire Night
    • Valentine’s Day
  2. Households in Northern Ireland are sent electoral registration forms in order to register to vote
    • True
    • False
  3. Which form of religion developed as a result of the Reformation?
    • Methodism
    • Mannerism
    • Protestantism
    • Catholicism
  4. What percentage of Englands population are estimated to attend the church regularly
    • 7-15%
    • 6-8%
    • 8-11%
    • 8-21%
  5. Who holds the responsibility of keeping the workplace safe?
    • The owners of the company
    • Employers and employees
    • Just the employee
  6. What is the name of the UK currency?
    • Dollar
    • Euro
    • Yen
    • Pound sterling
  7. Does Britain have a firm support from British population to become a republic?
    • True
    • False
  8. Who is the only person that can give advice, warn and encourage the government matters?
    • MPs
    • Prime Minister
    • Queen
    • Speaker
  9. There should be a balance in political reporting
    • True
    • False
  10. In UK, majority of the residents do not attend church regularly
    • True
    • False
  11. What is the capital city of Northern Ireland?
    • Edinburgh
    • Dublin
    • Cork
    • Belfast
  12. When is the Jewish celebration known as Hanukkah normally celebrated?
    • May or June
    • November or December
    • March or April
    • June or July
  13. Which court deals with the MOST serious cases in Scotland, such as murder?
    • The Sheriff Court
    • The High Court
    • The Crown Court
    • The Magistrates’ Court
  14. Where is the five-day race meeting attended by members of the Royal Family and known as Royal Ascot celebrated?
    • In Kent
    • In Salisbury
    • In Berkshire
    • In Luton
  15. Which court deals with serious offences in Northern Ireland?
    • The Magistrates’ Court
    • The Sheriff Court
    • The High Court
    • The Crown Court
  16. Which is an aim of the United Nations?
    • To create a single free trade market
    • To prevent war and promote international peace and security
    • To examine decisions made by the European Union
    • To promote dictatorship
  17. When did the first farmers arrive in Britain?
    • 6,000 years ago
    • 9,000 years ago
    • 10,000 years ago
    • 12,000 years ago
  18. What was inscribed in the first coins to be minted in Britain during the Iron Age?
    • The names of medicine plants
    • Celtic symbols
    • The names of Iron Age Kings
    • Drawings of animals
  19. Which of the following is a British invention from the 20th century?
    • The lightbulb
    • The Harrier jump jet
    • Radon
    • Paraffin wax
  20. Who was the first Archbishop of Canterbury?
    • St Peter
    • St Patrick
    • St Augustine
    • St Columba
  21. Where there is UK geographically located?
    • In the north west of Europe
    • In the south west of Europe
    • In the south east of Europe
    • In the north east of Europe
  22. Who was the mother of Elizabeth I?
    • Jane Seymour
    • Catherine of Aragon
    • Anne of Cleves
    • Anne Boleyn
  23. Which of the following flags is not represented in the union flag?
    • Irish
    • Scottish
    • Welsh
    • England
  24. By which other name is the Conservative Party also known for?
    • The Labour Party
    • The Tories
    • The Whigs
    • The Green Party

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