UK Citizenship Test

UK Citizenship Practice Test 1

This Life in the UK practice test contains 24 sample questions and 45 minutes time limit. Remember that you need to get at least 18 Questions correct or 75% to pass this Life in the UK practice test.

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  1. What was the nationality of Anne of Cleves the wife of Henry VIII?
    • Korean
    • Russian
    • Italian
    • German
  2. Pantomimes are plays based on the works of Shakespeare
    • True
    • False
  3. Halloween is celebrated on the 15th December?
    • True
    • False
  4. Why did Protestant Huguenots come to Britain in the 16th and 18th centuries?
    • To escape war
    • To become Catholics
    • To escape religious persecution
    • None of the above
  5. One of the following groups came to Britain from France to avoid political persecution in 16th and 18th centuries.
    • Jews escaping violence
    • Protestant Huguenots
    • French Royal Family
    • Hungry labourers
  6. In Britain, the main centre for political debate is
    • The 10 Downing Street
    • The Queens Palace
    • The House of Commons
    • None of the above
  7. Which stories are associated with Geoffrey Chaucer?
    • The Westbury Tales
    • The Ambridge Tales
    • The London Tales
    • The Canterbury Tales
  8. What is the procedure to check if you are entitled to work in the United Kingdom?
    • You can get information from your midwife
    • You can get information from the public library
    • You can get information from your MP
    • You can get information from the Home Office
  9. If civil servants think a policy is impractical or even against the public interest, they must ______ the ministers
    • Write to
    • Phone
    • Warn
    • Complain against
  10. In UK, people under 19 years occupy almost
    • 1/3 of the UK population
    • 1/2 of the UK population
    • 1/4 of the UK population
    • None of the above
  11. Which British scientist was awarded a Nobel Prize for discovering the structure of the DNA molecule?
    • Sir Christopher Cockrell
    • Francis Crick
    • Sir Frank Whittle
    • Alan Turing
  12. When does Lent take place?
    • 40 days before Christmas
    • 40 days after Christmas
    • 40 days before Easter
    • 40 days after Easter
  13. When is the Jewish celebration known as Hanukkah normally celebrated?
    • May or June
    • November or December
    • March or April
    • June or July
  14. What was the symbol of the House of Tudor?
    • A red rose
    • A white rose
    • A white rose with a red rose inside it
    • A red rose with a white rose inside it
  15. What animal is represented in the Welsh flag?
    • A tiger
    • A cat
    • A lion
    • A dragon
  16. Which of the following is a fundamental principle of life in the UK?
    • Eat Sunday roast
    • Buy goods locally
    • Participation in community life
    • Support local business
  17. Which of the following statements is correct?
    • The UK is governed by the parliament sitting in Westminster.
    • The UK is governed by parliaments sitting in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  18. What is the best-known work from Robert Burns?
    • Hamlet
    • A rose by another name
    • George’s Marvellous Medicine
    • Auld Lang Syne
  19. Which of the following is a musical venue located in London?
    • Glastonbury
    • The O2
    • The Fringe
    • The Dome
  20. Which court deals with serious offences in Wales?
    • The Crown Court
    • The Sheriff Court
    • The Magistrates’ Court
    • The High Court
  21. What is the coin with the highest value in the UK?
    • £6
    • £2
    • £3
    • £4
  22. Who wrote an oratorio called ‘Messiah’, which is regularly sung by choirs at Easter time?
    • George Frederick Handel
    • Gustav Holst
    • Sir Edward Elgar
    • Henry Purcell
  23. What are pantomimes based on?
    • Fairy stories
    • Drama stories
    • War stories
    • Traditional stories
  24. How long does Diwali last for?
    • 20 days
    • 3 days
    • Five days
    • A weekend

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